Saturday, July 9, 2011

This is exactly how I feel right now, only with more dead bodies and blood and such:

My two big fears when I started making this dress were the lining and the invisible zipper. Tonight (well, also technically this morning) I did them both. The house did not catch fire, there was no plague of locusts to be seen, and I still have both my hands attached to my wrists and free of sewing machine induced holes. Look! I have photographic evidence and everything!

At this stage I promised myself I would go to bed before
midnight. Hah. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that didn't happen.

Sewing in the lining while Steve goes to bed
at a reasonable hour downstairs.
These look more like dental tools to me. Am I weird?
Before taking this photo I was actually saying
"you can do this" out loud because I was scared.
Don't judge me.
Things I learned during this process:

The look on my face is half exhaustion and
half amazement at having all of my skin intact
while simultaneously wearing a zipped dress.
1. What a zipper foot is for and how to use it.
2. That it's important not to sew the sides of the lining if you want to cover your invisible zipper. Duh.
3. Next time, finish the top edge of the dress BEFORE adding the zipper, and sew in the petticoat AFTER.
4. Adjust the pattern a bit to accommodate for my rack or plan to wear a belt to cinch the waist.
5. Cotton lining material is hella flexible so don't pull it even a little bit when pinning.
6. I really need to stop promising Steve I'll go to bed "soon." It's a lie every time.

But seriously, I did the scary parts without causing myself injury or ruining the dress forever. Right after I took this photo I ran around in circles whisper-shouting "USA! USA!" because I guess that's what one does when one is celebrating a personal victory in America or something. Sorry Steve if I made too much noise. I made sure to take off my shoes first, I promise.

Next steps: add straps with the help of mom because I can't bend my arms back that far, finish the top edge with bias tape, hem the bottom and finish with more bias tape, sew on the bias strip at the waist and thus tack down the lining, clip loose threads, and wear it. Woo hoo!

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