Sunday, July 17, 2011

About to see 4AM again. Damn.

My cat relishes my horrid descent
into being completely nocturnal
ARGH. I can't sleep again. This is horrible.

This is different than the "I'm so excited about making [insert awesome thing] that I'll stay up 15 more minutes" sleeplessness I've been enjoying lately. This is more like "oh god I'm so tired that my soul HURTS and I'd punch a small child in the face in front of her mother just to get even the slightest bit sleepy" insomnia. My eyes hurt. My mouth tastes funny. I hate this.

I tried to use my time to work on Dress #2 because I might as well be productive if I'm going to be awake. I basted the zipper on and fixed a weird problem with the seam on the back of the dress, and basted down some of the interfacing that didn't want to stay put. Then I realized that I needed my tailor's chalk and an iron to do anything else, but didn't want to wake poor Steve by clomping up into the attic. Productivity fail!

Now I'm bopping around craft blogs so I can at least pretend to be learning new things while I beg the sleep gods to please knock me out so I can function at tomorrow's scrimmage. I really, really hope I can manage to reach sweet, sweet unconsciousness before the birds start chirping and the cat starts thinking that it's time I feed him.

Crap. I am so bad at this whole "sleeping" thing. I envy all of you who get tired at night.

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