Monday, July 25, 2011

Trip to Joanne's with mom.

I'm more than halfway through Dress #2 and my eyes are already onto new projects. As much as I want to make another dress just like this, I recognize that I should probably broaden my horizons a little if I want to actually learn to sew. Thus, the haul from Joanne's, as shown below:

Project #3: Bikini (with a little skirt to cover the badonk)
I have one bathing suit that's great except for one problem: the bottom is white. I kind of hate wearing white. It looks nice with my skin tone, but all I can think of is how terrified I am to stain it. Also, I'd like to have a second bathing suit in case something happens to the first one. Plus, buying a serger was basically a dare to myself to make either a swimsuit or some kind of dancewear or ice skating uniform. I'll get more use out of the bikini, so it's kind of a no brainer.

Black stretch fabric. Trust me, the other colors
were godawful. Boring photo, I know.
Tons of DIY bathing suit links insist that this won't take long. However, I don't believe them for several reasons. 1) I don't have a pattern and that scares me. 2) I don't look like the people who made the swimsuits. I can't just make a bandeau top and leave the house. I need.... support. 3) I don't have a pattern. It's worth counting twice because no guidance = scary.

One of the above fabrics is powermesh.
Does this make that photo more interesting?
Project #4: Corset (or, the project where I really test my ability to sew curved seams.)
Challenge time! My body is extremely corset-friendly because of my crazy waist-to-hip ratio, so this should work well with my natural shape. This involves more advanced curved-seam-sewing and working with new materials such as boning, a busk, and grommets. It's an excuse to try wacky embellishments that I might not wear on a daytime outfit like the dresses. I'll be using these fabrics:

Front and back panels - ivory cotton with little
black cameo shapes that are just asking for
something to be sewn in the middle. Buttons?
Side panels - coffee brown and black cotton. 
Trim - tan and dark brown cotton with a
weird tentacle-meets-damask pattern on it.
Lining - awesomely rigid canvas in
beige and dark blue stripe. I plan to
tea-stain this to better match the brown
in the fabric above.
I have no idea where I'll wear this, but I'll have to invent an occasion. Next year's Steampunk City in Waltham? No idea. I don't care. I'll wear it around my house or put it on a mannequin or something. I can't wait to have something really crazy and extravagant to play with, and if I can get this sewn in time for our trip to Provincetown I'll totally be able to bring it with me and hand-sew the buttons on the beach.

Lastly, I got some notions that aren't really that exciting to post. I will, however, post pics of the awesome little sewing box I got, because it was 40% off and it has a hilariously goofy print all over it:

It has dogs on it! DOGS! I like dogs.
Perfect for keeping the table clean when
it's too hot to sew upstairs and I have
to move downstairs. Also, for travel.
I can't wait to start these. I can't wait! This will motivate me to finish the dress more quickly. I'd better get right on that now.

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