Monday, July 4, 2011

Thing I learned: bias strips

I have cut so many yards of bias strips that I can safely say I make some damned great bias tape.

I could be wicked industrious and make a "how to" here, but why reinvent the wheel? This tutorial explains it really well. It's tedious as hell, but it results in some wonderfully flexible, fray-resistant strips of fabric. I'll be covering my dress with these like whoa over the next few days. Man, I hope this winds up looking more "funky art-school lady" and not "I just finished following Phish around the country in a van." I can rock the former (thanks RISD), but the latter is not at all me. Don't let the dreads fool you.

I may go blind in the process of making this dress, but everyone else will be able to see how great it looks when I'm done. That makes it worth it, right?

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