Thursday, July 21, 2011

Too... hot... to... sew...

This, but with pants on.
It's a bajilliondy degrees outside right now and I don't want to move. I have this awesome new ruffler foot, a dress base ready to be appliqu├ęd, and my sewing machines are downstairs in the living room screaming for attention. However, even thinking about sewing right now makes me want to cry because it would require me to move my limbs and risk letting my body parts touch.

Even the cat is just lying on the ground screaming at us. It's adorable, but also sad. He looks like a little kid rolling around on the floor pretending to be too sick for school.

I promise to sew more and post pictures. I just need to wait until I won't spontaneously combust, evaporate, or just die. It is that freaking hot.

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