Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gah! Math!

I apparently have amazing beginner's luck or something. I'm running into all kinds of problems this time around and I'm getting really mad:

The cat is clearly siding with the
book on this one.
Problem #1: The Pattern and the Book are in a Fight
I'm quite sure that the book wants me to make a circle skirt, and that's totally what I did last time. However, the pattern pieces tell a totally different story. One says "place on fold" and "cut 1 self." That's totally right. The other says "cut 1 self" which is a total lie. Last time I was using the book extra hard and did the right thing. This time I was cutting everything on the living room floor and left the book on the couch and thus away from my face. Since it was after midnight and I was suffering from insomnia*-induced stupidity,  I forgot what I did last time and only cut 1 self. Fast-forward to several hours later, when I'm trying to attach the skirt to the top, but I keep coming up short.

Problem #2: Thread Tension = No
I have no idea why, but the thread tension on the machine is getting progressively harder to control. Even if I make the upper tension as slack as the machine will allow, it's too tight when I sew through more than one layer of fabric. Old thread, new thread, I've tried a bunch of stuff and the result is the same. It's tolerable with some of the thick variegated thread I got for topstitching the bias strips, but dammit, I don't want to use this stuff on every seam. My mother offered to take a peek at it, and if she can't find the problem it might be time to get this machine serviced.

I apparently breezed through the early stages of the first dress via blind, goofball luck. Argh.

*This is well past "it's summer and I'm wacked out on sleeping late" and deeply into "I've missed acupuncture twice now and am back to not sleeping at all, ever"

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