Sunday, July 17, 2011

Party dress at an actual party

Pictured: party cat haz a party.
Tonight I wore my dress out to my friend's birthday party, and got a million complements. Talk about motivation to keep doing this! It felt especially good to have all the super crafty types inspect it and tell me that I did a good job. My skater sister said "it's like you made a list of all the hard things to do and you decided to put them all into one dress."

I love making things, but most of what I usually make isn't terribly functional. I was a painting major, I've worked in a lot of different media, and I've had art exhibits. This is so different, though, because I made something that's not just meant to hang up on a wall, so the attention feels different. It's not just "ooh that looks nice" attention, it's "ooh that looks nice on you" attention. There was also "ooh, that would look nice on me. Make me one?" attention, which I totally didn't expect. High praise indeed. I pulled it off!

Thanks for saying such kind things, you guys. Man, my friends rock.

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