Friday, July 8, 2011

Making ruffles [sung to the tune of "Making Christmas"]

I think that Conan forgot something in this little speech:

After spending much of today making ruffles out of blue organza, I can honestly say that this should be added to that list. Seriously, this is totally one of the best things in life. I might need to be reminded to sleep and eat. Plus, the results are great and the method is easy. Check out the results:

The organza strip, pre-ruffling. 7+ yards of "meh."

Organza post-ruffling. 3.5 yards of awesome.

Clearly too much awesome for the face I'm
making. I was tired, ok?

This ruffle became "foof" portion of the petticoat, which I added to the dress before derby practice. It looks excellent. Pics to come soon, when I can get someone to take some for me. I don't think anyone in the house would take too kindly to me waking them up to take pictures for my blog. Man, I really wish I could get back on a normal sleep schedule...

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