Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pausing from dress #2 for unpleasant medical stuff (I'm fine)

Remember, perspective is making that look smaller
than it actually is.
I haven't been doing too much sewing since my last post because I've been doing other things. I know, right? Things! Some things are 100% fun, like my friend's birthday party (hi Mal!), but some have been not so fun. The top of that list was my trip to the ear, nose, and throat specialist.

First off, I'm totally fine. Apparently I don't breathe enough when I talk and thus strain the crap out of my voice. However, at the time of the picture on the left, I was practically pooping my pants with worry about the possibility of throat polyps, or cancer, or perhaps something worse that I hadn't WebMD'd yet.

Still, the only thing that made the endoscope (pictured at left) up-the-nose part of that visit bearable was thinking about sewing. I am totally not kidding or exaggerating at all. While the doc was shoving that cable up my nose and down into my larynx (yes, that happened) I was gripping onto the dress I made and making a mental list of the steps I needed to take to make another one.

See? This post was totally related to sewing! Soon there will be more posting about fun sewing things, as the dress will have hung for 24+ hours and thus settled enough to take on a gazillion bias strips.

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