Tuesday, July 26, 2011

That's not so bad? BAHAHAHAHA no.

Ok, so I was a little bit delusional when I wrote that last post. Well, at least the last paragraph. If I had been doing exactly the same type of top as the last dress it would have been true, but I forgot that I was making a "minor" change that was actually kind of major.

Those straps look so harmless. Don't believe their lies.
The straps. Oh god, the horrible, horrible straps.

I didn't finish the top edge of the bodice before adding the straps like I did last time. Instead, I added the straps and then added more strips to them so they continued the dress pattern more fluidly. I like this in theory, but in practice it is fire devil. Why? Because the bodice has a seam there and I can't just add the straps to those pattern pieces.

Instead, I have to attach the straps separately, which makes a new curved seam right at the top edge of a bias strip. This makes the edge of the strip look weird and ripply unless it's sewn exactly right. Try hand sewing it exactly right in three different colors of thread on a curved seam so the seam is as invisible as possible. Wait, don't. I wouldn't wish that on you. You're probably a nice person.

Hours later I have a dress that may or may not look like a trainwreck right at cleavage height. You know, the place where people will probably look because, well, cleavage. Steve is asleep and I can't torture him by going into the bedroom and turning on the lights so I can use the full length mirror. I think I fixed the problem? I think the straps are even? If not, I'll have to rip about a million, tiny, almost invisible stitches and undo hours of work.

No. Just, no. Please no?

My mother said something earlier today that has become my mantra for this whole sewing adventure. They had their kitchen redone, and the contractor said something profound after the third time they had to tear down and rebuild the housing for the fridge: "Don't worry, it's only time." Yeah, it sucks to possibly have to undo something that took forever, but it's not like it'll kill me to redo it.

Still to do:
• Attach straps to the back
• Finish adding strips to the straps
• Cut top into final shape
• Edge entire top with houndstooth strips
• Make petticoat ruffle
• Attach petticoat to dress at waist
• Sew on pink strip at the waist
• Figure out what to do (if anything) with the black space at the bottom
• Hem dress so the petticoat peeks out.
• Receive back massage to undo knots in neck caused by stress

It's only time, it's only time, it's only time..... dammit.

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