Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photo, as promised. Update on the next one because I can't sit still.

Without further ado, here's the finished dress. Thanks Dad for the photo. Yes, I'm totally wearing it again today because I never left the house in it yesterday and all I did was sit in air conditioning so there was no sweating involved. Plus, it's summer vacation so I can do whatever I want. Nyah.

I wore it on my trip to the fabric store, and in this heat I don't anticipate going any further from my house. I love going to Fabric Corner because everyone there is genuinely curious about the projects the customers are making. It was neat to be remembered by the lady who sold me the fabric for the strips and base dress. "When I saw you buying all those stripes I was a bit [makes skeptical face] but now that I see it all together, it really works! Nice job!"

Trust me. This will look amazing.
I figure that since I have no plans to wear anything else in the near future (because I am perpetually five years old) I'll make another one from the same pattern. I'm going with a base of black (with little line-drawings of clouds in dark grey) and I'll make most of the strips out of pink fabric with little black flowers. I grabbed a yard of houndstooth and a half yard of this silly pink fabric with big light blue spots all over it. Thanks to the magic of topstitching, I know it will all work out, but when I look in the bag I think "YIKES".

Right now it's all in the wash, because I'm being good and prewashing everything. The last thing I want is to spend a week on a dress and have it buckle and shrink in weird, unpredictable ways. Now I'll bust out the pink thread and get to work on my hot pink petticoat before Steve gets home. That way if I pass out from heatstroke he'll come home in time to save me.

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