Thursday, June 7, 2012

Teaching a summer fashion course. What?

My summer plans in static image form. There will be cows.
I haven't posted lately, although I've been sewing and thus probably should have been posting more. Eh. being responsible in my non-work life is hard. Also, most of my free time has been filled with prepping for my summer job, which is the first one I've had since I finished my MSAE a while back. I've taught summer camp classes before, so that's not new. However, this is a new subject for me - fashion design.

I'm doing my usual "OH GOD THIS IS A NEW THING" routine, which has included accumulating a giant pile of useful fashion books, collecting about a billion links and Pinterest pins, finding all of my Project Runway DVD's, and writing list after list of project ideas. I figure between my enormous pile of resources and the mountain of used clothes fabric I've accumulated from By-The-Pound, I should be all set. Hopefully I'll stop having fashion dreams before I'm knee-deep in fabric for six weeks, because I'm starting to forget how to think about anything else and my friends, family, and students must be getting really sick of my Putney-related ramblings by now.

Depending on my internet connectivity situation up north I should have plenty new things to blog about. We'll see in a few weeks, eh?

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