Thursday, July 28, 2011

Carry on

I have spent all day sewing, with one short dinner break in the middle. I cannot BELIEVE how much work I've put into this dress. Today, I did the following:

• Cut top into final shape
• Lined straps with interfacing and houndstooth cotton to correct the strap-stretching problem in Dress #1
• Edged entire top with houndstooth strips
• Made petticoat ruffle (had to re-do gathering 3 times because of stupid problems)
• Attached petticoat to dress at waist
• Sewed on pink strip at the waist and houndstooth strip to finish off lining

This may not sound like a whole lot, but almost everything on that list was like a giant I.Q. test for me. I basically did the straps backwards. The proper order would have been to cut out the interfacing and lining fabric when I cut the straps, attach everything but the lining when I made the base dress, and then attach the lining and the edging after doing all the bias strips. Instead, I spent 6 hours (not a typo) trying to add the interfacing and the lining without making the bodice look like I intended to hide ears of corn in my bra.

I'm not quite done, but all that's left is either fun stuff or finishing-type details that aren't a huge biggie. Still to do:

• Figure out what to do (if anything) with the black space at the bottom
• Check the back of the dress to see if the petticoat is really hanging a bit low there or if I'm hallucinating
• Hem dress so the petticoat peeks out evenly on all sides
• Edge dress bottom with houndstooth bas strip
• Attach either a black ribbon or more houndstooth bas strips to the line of stitching on the petticoat ruffle
• Sleep. Seriously.

Anyway, I'm mere steps away from the end, and here is the result:

The "oink" print on the wall makes this
look even more like something Miss Piggy
would wear, but whatever. I like it.
I promised myself I would go to bed when I finished the petticoat and attached it to Dress #2. I just did that. Once I post this I can go to freaking bed. Self-imposed goals sound so responsible unless you're someone like me, who seems to only make these types of goals when it will result in never going to bed, ever.

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