Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh Spoonflower, you are awesome.

Yes those are teeth. I know, gross, but also awesome, right?
I have spent quite literally all day making fabric designs on On the left is my absolute favorite design of the day. I'm glad I'm putting those mad Illustrator skillz of mine to use. My students would be so proud of me.

I made another one where the teeth rotate, and I have a bunch of recolors of the above design as well. I can't wait until the swatches come so I can see if these will be useful. It would be neat to make an apron or a pillowcase out of these. I could even see myself making a dress out of the rotate-y one, but I'd have to really force myself to wear something that light out of the house. I'd have to be careful to not eat anything ever in it, because I tend to have mysterious food accidents every single time I wear light-colored clothing out of the house.  I really wish I were exaggerating, but I'm not.
A closeup of my fancy-pants gold
tooth. I'm really digging the highlights.

I also ordered a Day of the Dead print for my next dress. I'm going to force myself to NOT make a bias strip dress, but I'll still use this pattern as a base. Maybe I'll appliqué a giant sugar skull on it or something? I can guarantee there will be a ruffle somewhere on it because I freaking love those things.

I want to create more designs but I'm very handicapped. My desire to create complex patterns combined with my inability to figure out how to work out the tiling is causing me to stall out at the gate. If anyone out there has a recommendation for a decent Illustrator or Photoshop template (or other program) that would help me tile patterns more quickly, please leave a comment.

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