Wednesday, July 6, 2011


My serger came it came it's here yes yes holy crap it's here!!!!!

Hands off. She's spoken for.
I am SO glad I got this during my summer break. I don't know how I'd manage leaving her to go to work. She's so beautiful and she works so well. Yes, she's totally a girl. Shut up.

I immediately spent forever watching video after video that came with this awesome machine. For those of you who think these things are scary and complicated, you're very right. Holy crap, I'm terrified of threading her myself. Thank goodness she came fully threaded with appropriately colored thread that matched the color-coded threading diagrams. Thank you Brother, you think of everything.

So far I've successfully serged a bunch of straight and curved seams on jersey, cotton broadcloth, and organza scraps. I've tied off the thread chain in several different ways. I've even *gasp* changed the thread from the little provided spools into cones of lime green polyester serger thread. THAT was scary. My next project is to alter a too-large men's tee shirt and make a petticoat for the dress.

Oh I love you serger. I love you. Steve, don't be jealous. I totally have a crush on this machine.

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