Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My new ruffler foot

Most people are ungrateful to be
alive, but not you... not any more...
My ruffler foot came today! I know that I bought a serger and everything so this might sound silly, but buying this made me feel serious. Somehow a $30 foot makes me feel more like a "sewer" than a $200 specialized machine. Maybe it's because the serger is so nicely contained and has color-coded things that make it look friendly and inviting, while the ruffler foot looks like something out of Saw?

I struggled with actually attaching this intimidating little monster because the instructions were clearly not written with "instructing" in mind. Step 2 in attaching the foot was literally "attach ruffler foot." Look at that thing. Even telling which way is up is a challenge. Thankfully, there are blogs that helped me work out what to unscrew and what to point where. This link even has useful pictures of another Brother machine with a very similar shank.

Once I got it going it was easy to use. Being able to make exactly even pleats is going to be AMAZING for me, and I can't wait to use this to gather the ruffles on the petticoat of Dress #2. I may have to rethink some of these strips of color and include some ruffled strips so I can make use of this new foot. I'm going to look like a giant walking bedskirt...

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