Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So hot...

I've managed to prewash and iron all of my fabric. However, it's so hot that I'm struggling to even THINK about laying out the fabric and cutting, because this involves:

Mr. Pants gets what he wants via cat mind control powers.
a) Getting up off the couch and away from the two fans pointed directly at my face.
b) Walking upstairs into the attic to get the pattern pieces, which collects all the heat in the universe and is easily, EASILY hotter than the surface of the sun.
c) Getting up and bending down a lot as I pin and cut the pieces.
d) Dealing with the cat, who is clearly angry at me for making the world so warm and will sit on whatever I'm cutting to scream at me.

I think that writing this blog entry has sufficiently psyched me up to make the trek upstairs. I can do this. I CAN DO THIS.

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