Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Craft fair yay! Head cold boo.

Big me, small table. 
In the grand Jessie tradition, now that [insert busy activity here] is over I have a cold. Post Craftershock, I feel like poo, and am thus staying away from my pile o' scarves until I'm less likely to accidentally jam my thumb between the serger blades in a cold medicine induced haze. Boo. Hiss. However miserable I might feel, at least I have a billiondy scarves to show for it. They're now for sale on my Etsy shop if anyone is doing some last-minute gift shopping.

The craft fair was pretty neat. The people were really nice, and there was a great range of stuff for sale.  I lucked out in that I had nice neighbors - one quiet gentleman to my right selling fine art, and a talkative gentleman to my left also selling fine art. My talkative neighbor was awesome - he was entertaining and friendly, and Steve and I had a blast chatting it up with him the whole day. We also enjoyed being across the way from Bettie Off Dead who was selling her Boo Boo Cakes. She fed us throughout the event, and I suspect I left a few pounds heavier. So worth it though.

This wasn't the first time I'd had a booth at some type of event (ahem rollerderbyquilt.com ahem), but it was the first time I've sold these particular scarves. I have a lot of changes I'd like to make in the way I set things up, many of which I would have done for this fair had I not signed up so last-minute:

1. More vertical display stuff.  People brought boxes, bookcases, and professional displays to maximize their spaces and I'd like to do the same next time. Specifically, all of my chokers look similar if they're laid flat, but when they're on a person they hang very differently. Getting more neck display things would help a lot. Thank goodness they're cheap!

2. A long, rectangular folding table. I knew I needed this, but we couldn't get one in time. Instead, we used a circular table and it was a little weird. It maximized sitting space, sure, but it didn't do the same for display space.

3. Move the "Visa and Mastercard Accepted" sign up higher. The scarves kept obscuring it and I don't think everyone knew that I took other methods of payment.

4. Make a sign showing the price of general styles in addition to the individual item tags. More than one way to see item prices might help cut down on the "how much are these?" questions. I had thought the tags would be enough, but apparently that wasn't so.

5. Make items in a >$10 price range and a >$25 price range. I had some ideas for smaller items (cuffs brooches, etc.) but none of them were fully-fleshed-out enough to sell before the fair so that will have to wait until next time.

I hope to vend at other events in the future, and a ton of opportunities are coming up in the spring. That should give me plenty of time to play with new designs, find decent jersey in a broader range of colors, and try out new fabrics.

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