Saturday, December 10, 2011

Buttons on everything. All the buttons.

I don't know if I have the heart to sell this. I LOVE this one.
 I've gotten very, very into sewing buttons onto things. A while back I made a trip to Windsor Button and almost didn't buy anything. However, on my way out the door I noticed a giant bin of assorted buttons and I spent about an hour and a half picking through it. $10 worth of buttons later, I had both feet squarely on the road towards wherever I am now.

My mother taught me about how awesome even really ordinary things look in excess. A vase full of 30 lemons looks just as awesome as a vase of flowers, and usually more so because it's really odd. I'm having similar feelings about these buttons. A couple look ok, but very ordinary. Add about 50 more and it looks pretty awesome.

The best part about making these is that it's nicely mindless. During our DnD game today I sewed about a milliondy  buttons onto a purple choker and it actually helped me concentrate more on the game. Granted, I was accidentally dropping buttons all over the game map, but they made for very useful "bloodied" and "marked" tokens.

I know that all of my posts this weekend have been all "go to my Etsy shop!"and all, but still, go to my Etsy shop. There are more of these scarves almost every day, and each one is helping me make Xmas happen for my family. They make great gifts too. I'm so thrilled that I stumbled upon this stuff now because it's really helping at a tough time. Man, I love the internet, my sewing machine, and buttons. Oh, how I love those buttons.

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