Sunday, December 4, 2011

Making Christmas

With my newfound love of sewing comes a very handmade Christmas. I can't say what I'm giving out, but I can say that I'm terrifically proud of everything I'm making. Hooray for being raised by makers of things, and hooray for inheriting their useful hands. Thanks mom and dad. <3

I have more scarves up for sale in my Etsy store. I finally got photos of the pink and orange striped scarf I made a few days ago. The fabric is so bright that it's almost impossible to get an honest shot of it. The photos were getting to saturated that you couldn't even see the shape! This is close enough, though:

Almost true to life color. The real thing
is much brighter, though.
Like it? Buy it on Etsy! 

I'm also really excited about a few smaller pieces I've been making. I had a narrower piece of jersey that I wanted to use, but the strips I made from it were too short to make a full scarf. However, they made for awesome chokers. I'm selling these two, but I may need to make one for myself. Any Nutcrackers need a pink and black accessory?

Choker with 3 ruffles in pink and black.
... and a slightly simpler version.

I have a pile of other colors waiting to be made into scarves, too. Soon I'll have some in red, navy, dark purple, and a few weird patterns. This serger may have been the best purchase I've made in years. Seriously.

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