Friday, January 27, 2012

Upcoming events

When it rains, it pours. I've confirmed a bunch of craft fair dates and I'm thrilled! Time to get better tables, a canopy, and a decent sign.

RISD Spring Sale (May 5)
Providence, RI

SOWA Open Market (Sept 16 and 28 and Oct 14, 21, and 28)
Boston, MA

It'll be nice to get a chance to sell my scarves face to face instead of just online. Plus, I'm so psyched to have an excuse to go to RISD for a day. I've missed the past few sales and it'll be nice to see my old neighborhood again.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

[insert bag-related pun here]

Out of nowhere I developed an urge to make bags. I have always hated purses, and only recently started carrying a purse that wasn't technically a messenger bag because I finally got sick of carrying so much weight on my back. Because I'm really bad at being a girl, I tried to just use the same purse all the time, and I'm starting to see some merit in having different bags to suit different occasions. Rather than buy a bunch of bags that are never quite good enough, I'm going to suck it up and make some.

I want to start with a pattern first so I don't make major proportion mistakes. Also, I know that it will help me learn finishing techniques that will help me avoid my work looking too Holly Hobby. I'm thinking maybe this one from Butterick:

In some kind of tweed with black leather.
Or perhaps this one from the same pattern:

I'll need to add more internal pockets for sure, and feet. My goal is to make a well-sewn bag using proper materials, and if I can pull this off I'll try something more ambitious. Man, I am so grateful for that heavy duty machine my folks got me for Xmas!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sometimes I hope I get to keep certain items.

I have a couple of items on my shop that I want to keep for myself the more I look at them. This is the main one right now:

It's on Etsy, yadda yadda.
Also this one too. Of course I want to sell them because I need the cash like whoa. However, I think that if they don't sell I'll likely hang onto them rather than relisting them.

I keep meaning to make myself some new scarves because I don't have many to actually wear. I know that they make a great advertisement and I keep meaning to make some to keep. However, the urge to list them on Etsy is just too overwhelming. Perhaps if I make a list it'll help. These are the scarves I need to make for just me:

1. One high ruffled collar in black with black or dark grey stitching and lots of sparkly, faceted buttons.
2. One long scarf in ruffled black fabric with gray or white stitching.
3. One long black and white striped scarf.
4. One ruffled choker in black and white stripes.
5. One ruffled choker in dark blue or black with mostly fabric-covered buttons.

I tend to respond well to lists, so hopefully this will help remind me to NOT sell these if I make them.