Wednesday, January 11, 2012

[insert bag-related pun here]

Out of nowhere I developed an urge to make bags. I have always hated purses, and only recently started carrying a purse that wasn't technically a messenger bag because I finally got sick of carrying so much weight on my back. Because I'm really bad at being a girl, I tried to just use the same purse all the time, and I'm starting to see some merit in having different bags to suit different occasions. Rather than buy a bunch of bags that are never quite good enough, I'm going to suck it up and make some.

I want to start with a pattern first so I don't make major proportion mistakes. Also, I know that it will help me learn finishing techniques that will help me avoid my work looking too Holly Hobby. I'm thinking maybe this one from Butterick:

In some kind of tweed with black leather.
Or perhaps this one from the same pattern:

I'll need to add more internal pockets for sure, and feet. My goal is to make a well-sewn bag using proper materials, and if I can pull this off I'll try something more ambitious. Man, I am so grateful for that heavy duty machine my folks got me for Xmas!

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