Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bill Cunningham - coolest guy ever.

The movie poster, for those who like pictures.
While poking through teh internets for movie recommendations I came across Bill Cunningham New York, and I'm so glad I found it. It follows Bill Cunningham as he does his thing in the fashion world, biking around the city, shooting street fashion, fashion shows, and basically being a fixture in the community. I had no idea who he was before I saw this, and now I wish I knew him because he seems like a wonderful man.

What an interesting dude. For someone so in love with fashion, he doesn't live a hugely luxurious life. He lives for his photography, and that's all that matters. He goes to these amazingly fancy shows in a button down shirt and casual blue jacket. He doesn't have a giant, tricked out studio because his medium is on the streets of the city. Through everything he does he seems so comfortable and happy. I envy him.

Seriously, look how happy he is!
What strikes me most about this film is how wonderfully unapologetic he is. I always associate that term with being a giant jerk and then screaming "come at me bro" to anyone who questions you, and I forget that it doesn't have to be that extreme. Bill Cunningham simply is who he is, and he loves what he loves, and he seems so content. Not only that, he doesn't seem to do anything for attention, or to get rich, or even to get any kind of thanks. He just shoots beautiful clothes and interesting people, and if anyone cares, well, that's fine, but it's not the point. How wonderful.

When talking about his work, he said "it's not work." Looking at his face you can totally see that. I know that they say that if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life. He's clearly evidence of that. What a lucky, lucky man.

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