Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thought I was dead, eh?

Nope. Not so much.

The silence was due to four things. The first was a nasty case of strep throat (yes, it came back), a trip to Provincetown, the Goblin War, and the start of school. Because of these things I have started a bunch of projects and not finished any of them. Why have there been no pictures? Well, I haven't gotten terribly far on a circle skirt, and the maester's robe I was making for the Goblin War had me so angry I didn't want to look at it.

While I don't have any photos of finished things, here are the unfinished things I have going on:

These are the pasta pots I scavenged from around the house
so I could dye all the fabric in the universe.
"All the fabric" is a technical term. It means 9 yards of linen.
Fancy dyes + recently boiling water = blue fabric.
Recently boiling water also = burns.  Apparently fresh skin
takes dye better than older, more experienced skin.
Burned skin also takes dye better than 9 yards of fabric. 
More dye and tons of cutting time later, the flaws
appeared. For instance, this is supposed to be the
sleeve and the armhole. Yes, I cut them correctly.
I gave up and opted to wear a corset to the Goblin War instead.
Thus, I had more time to make favors. Yay favors!
I dyed and burned muslin all day. The whole house smelled
like coffee, tea, and burnt cotton/skin. Worth the stink.
There will be more photos and activity soon, though. I'm starting a clothing construction class tomorrow and I should have plenty to write about. I'm glad, too. I missed sewing and I want new clothes.

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