Friday, August 12, 2011

Goodbye strep. Thank goodness.

I finally feel normal again. Granted, skating in the playoff bout while I was still pretty sick probably set me back to square one. While I was sick I mainly sat around on my butt doing not so much, which likely helped me heal, but was boring as hell. Thus no fun blogging about new clothes, as I wasn't making any.

I've made up for that over the past day or so. I completely rearranged my attic studio to accommodate a new cutting table. My folks offered me their old dining room table, a 55" x 36" Scandinavian thing that's in excellent condition and is thus way too nice to damage with my rotary cutters. I found this link on a DIY cutting table process and it inspired me to go get some homasote to create a pin-able, cheap surface on which to cut. Pics soon once I can find a decent angle, as the new arrangement is hard to capture.

One thing I did photograph was my little "man, it's dusty in here" solution - sewing machine covers. I have three machines now, and they kept getting covered in debris when I moved around the furniture and hammered nails into the walls. I made these rectangular placemat-looking things with little ties on the sides to protect them from future attic-mess, and they seem to be doing the job nicely.

Or rather, they will once I finish beading the hell out of them because I can never leave well enough alone. I'm slowly beading them as I watch episodes of Dr. Who, and my cat has taken to sleeping on them because they're exactly his size. I might actually use this same basic shape to make him a real cat bed out of fleece and a little batting in the middle to floof it up for him. However, he'll have to live without the beads, because he loves to chew on them and I don't want him to ingest any.

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